I have practiced astrology professionally since 1994. I used both the traditional western and eastern systems. After seeking a more accurate way to predict future events and trends for my clients, I came upon a unique way to combine the two systems. To convey this information in a clear and concise way, I wrote ASTROLOGY PRIMER 1. It explains my new system, giving readers easy and accurate techniques to use to interpret astrology charts.

Spreading the knowledge of astrology to others is a life goal for me. Everyone can benefit from the insight astrology provides. Hopefully, one day soon, astrology will gain acceptance as a respected science. 

Astrology Primer 2
Astrology Primer 1
Winner Indie Book Awards

Astrology Primer 1: A Beginning Primer Teaching Birth Chart and Transit Analysis Using a Combination of Eastern and Western Astrological Systems. Finalist Winner New Age Category 2015 Indie Book Awards.

Babou the Bear

Babou the Bear tells the story of Babou, a little bear who wants to change the fate of her Island nation. Babou climbs to the top of the highest mountain, seeking answers. She receives a gift, which she shares with the other bears. Together, the bears soon create a better Bear Island.

Suddenly a Rainbow Appeared 

This book tells about a little girl who lost her Mommy. She found a way to smile again. Read about little Anne, and about when her rainbow suddenly appeared.

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